Who we are...

We simply are a group of taxi drivers determined to improve our service not only with declarations but passing from words to deeds...

The Brand

The brand is protected according to the relevant laws and regulations.

The brand contains the main components of our Association: the background is white as the colour of taxis, the knot represents the will to unite all the professional taxi drivers and the colours of the words clearly refer to those of the Italian tricolour.

Our Association

Our Association was born spontaneously, thanks to the idea of some taxi drivers who wished to improve the taxi service and to effectively struggle against the spread of every kind of unauthorized and illegal activities.

All began on the 10th of July 2014, in a meeting attended by about a hundred of taxi drivers. During the meeting the different problems that are troubling our professional category came out and it was decided to go into action.... on the basis of the encouraging signs of interest coming from (obtained from) the Fiumicino Airport authorities, it was decided to start the Taxi service in the most important railway stations in Rome.

On the 16th of October, 2014, with a formal notarial deed, it was established the Association "Taxi Service Rome Airports and Stations" (TRAS) and the "dream" of someone (for others nothing more than ravings) came true..

The Taxi Service

Among the many objectives of our association, there is precisely the "Taxi Service", which is a customer care service for all those who use the taxi service at airports and stations.

This service aims to:

  • provide assistance to all users of the taxi service with special attention to the elderly, the disabled, and so on;
  • optimize the use of the taxi according to the needs of users (taxi with POS, station wagons, taxi for more than four persons, etc.), in the most crystal clear way;
  • provide information (also in foreign languages) and assistance to tourists in difficulty;
  • require additional taxi if needed, in case of very high demand.

We also have to point out that this service is completely free, as it's done voluntarily by taxi drivers out of service, and that it helps reducing in a considerable way the well known plague of unauthorized taxi drivers and various other illegal activities perpetrated in the detriment of Italian or foreign citizens.