Taxi Service is a customer care service addressed to taxi users, it is free and it is done voluntarily by taxi drivers after their working hours.

This service is available every day at the airport of Fiumicino "Leonardo da Vinci" and, at the moment, occasionally at Roma Termini and Roma Tiburtina railway stations.

The Taxi Service has among its objectives:

  • to offer the necessary assistance for a better use of the taxi by customers and, in particular, by users with disabilities, elderly people, etc;
  • to optimize the use of taxis on the basis of user needs (taxis with POS, station wagons, cars with more than four seats, etc.) all In a crystal clear way;
  • to provide anyone who may need with information also in a foreign language, paying particular attention to the tourists.

This service not only is very appreciated by taxi users but also has the positive effect of reducing phenomena such as unlicensed taxi drivers and other illegal activities that take place especially to the prejudice and to the detriment of unsuspecting tourists./>

The Taxi Service started as a pilot project in Rome, at the moment is also available in Milan, Turin and Genoa.

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